Lea Rania Löchel

About me

Adansonia Schriftzug klein


My involvement as a teamer, has taught me how to deal with groups.
Through Nichiren Buddhism I was allowed to experience the embedding in the greater in view of absolute self-responsibility.
During my 10 years of self-employment as a dreadlocks stylist, I have learned to adapt to a wide variety of people and meet them with an open heart and curiosity. In addition, the safe experience to stand on my own two feet.
During my time as a boatwoman on the traditional sailing vessel I learned not only how to be alone but also how to work together in a team and understood that it takes good leadership to fit in trustfully.
As a riding instructor on different pony farms, I was allowed to experience and create the wonderful dialogue between animals and children. The horses taught me a lot about what good leadership means.
Through my Masters in Costume Design, I am always learning new creative approaches and understanding non-verbal communication in a different depth.
I lived in South Africa for over a year, including three months in the game reserve “Zingela” and got involved in nature and animal conservation there. This time taught me more about life and natural systems than I can put into words.
When dancing salsa, I get to experience again and again how beautiful it can be to surrender when you are well guided.

When dealing with my cat and my dog, I always discover new ways of communication and cooperation.


  • Gstalttherspy* training Werkstatt Nord
  • Borderline symposium
  • EMDR Traumatherpy* trainining Cornelia Schrader
  • Further education "Ways out of the crisis" Systelios Clinic
  • Further education "Dealing with pain phenomena" Systelios Clinic
  • Further education „Burnout“ Systelios Clinic
  • Further education "Hypnosystemic work with adolescents" Systelios Clinic
  • Training "He who is afraid has future" Systelios Clinic
  • Seminar "Systemic for Managers" Steven Wende
  • Advanced training "systemic constellation" Werkstatt Nord
  • Advanced training Supervision HIGW
  • Psychologiestudium Uni Göttingen seit 2023

*Therapy in the sense of counseling


Method case


  • Sensus/ Basic forms of fear
  • Hypnosystemic approaches
  • Systemische Aufstellung
  • Pillars of identity
  • Levels of being
  • Believe sentences
  • Ways out of existential exhaustion (Burnout)
  • Crisis management
  • Emotion integration
  • Imaginative methods
  • body therapy
  • Inneres Team (Schulz von Thun)

*Therapy in the sense of counseling


Gründgensstraße 28